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The name Ventura was inspired by the song "The Great Adventure" by Steven Curtis Chapman, using the Spanish word for venture: Ventura.  It's a forever reminder of the great adventure we knew we would encounter, traveling "over mountains so high and through valleys so low." 

Francé Allen accepts the 2017 "Minority Owned Business of the Year" award from the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce.

Ventura desires to be a company based on Biblical principles and universal values that include trust, humility, service, fun, forgiveness, learning, change, hard work, and teamwork. 

Ventura operates with two focuses: development of people, and manufacturing excellence. We know that employees (we call ourselves "Venturians") are a critical part of our business.  We desire all Venturians to be owners of Ventura’s Vision and Values, and to be committed to them.  We desire to see people develop as leaders; leaders because of who they are and because of our shared Vision and Values. Many organizations take on the personality and feel of the top leader... we want Ventura to take on the personality and feel of our Vision and Values.

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